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Medical Training Program


Dr. Aliu Sanni, Medical Director at Eastside Medical Center of Excellence for Weight Loss Surgery, is dedicated to giving back to the medical profession through education. At the request of several medical schools, he has developed a comprehensive, hands-on medical training program for a select number of students that utilizes inductive teaching.

The EBGS Education Center is a place where medical students or/and doctors can further their medical and research knowledge with hand-on experience through two on-site programs:

General Surgery Rotations

This program involves medical students and/or doctors shadowing Dr. Sanni as their mentor for 4-12 weeks. They will work through the center’s proven educational syllabus which includes:

  • On-site work space
  • General Surgery rotations
  • Exposure to both clinic and hospital patient care
  • Hands-on operating room assistance with the surgeon
  • Daily assignments on common General Surgery topics
  • Pre- and post- rotation assessment exams
  • Research project participation and completion
  • Presentation of their research results at local, regional, national, and international conferences

Research Fellowships

This program involves medical students and/or participating in a 3-12 month research fellowship with Dr. Sanni. Students will be provided with:

  • On-site work space
  • Weekly training on research methodology
  • Identification and initiation of research project
  • Editing and evaluation of research project by Dr. Sanni
  • Submission of completed research project for peer review publication
  • Oral and Poster presentations of the research project at local, regional, national, and international meetings.


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